Farmers’ Market

Today was the first day of the year for our farmers’ market to be open for business.  It’s very convenient for us, as they set up on Sundays throughout the summer, and it’s only blocks from our church.

If I’m not careful, I’ll come home with way too much produce.  I can’t help it — it all looks so enticing, and being locally grown, you just know it’s extra good.  My solution has been to pull out a $10 bill, and that’s it.  I make my choices by walking the length of the market (it’s not very long), then by the time I turn around to come back, I know what I want to get.  Here’s what ten bucks bought this week:

$4 for fresh locally grown asparagus, $3 for a quart of shell peas, $2 for four kohlrabi (we ate two already, so just imagine there are four in the bowl…), and $1 for some HUGE radishes.  I almost didn’t buy the radishes because they were so big, I was afraid they would be too hot.  They were perfect!


One thought on “Farmers’ Market”

  1. I didn’t know what a kohlrabi was until Rob and I were planting our first garden. I still don’t care for them, but now I know who to send the extras to!

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