Wednesday’s Puzzle

This month, our Wednesday Day Stitchers group is starting/continuing another “box exchange”.  Rather than a round robin, or adding to a row-by-row quilt, we have been doing box exchanges.  Each participant (this year we have eight) prepares a handled tote container (“box”) to bring, equipped with fabric and instructions for her quilt.  The first Wednesday of the month, for six months, we exchange boxes and bring home someone else’s box to work on.

The last two years I did a friendship boot quilt, where I asked each person to make a specific boot block in fabrics (which I supplied) of their choice.  I’m going to embroider each person’s name on their block, and it will be a nice memento of our friendship-based group.  I’ve also asked members who don’t do the block exchange if they would make a boot for me to add to the mix, and several have hopped on board!  I will fill in with heart blocks to make things come out even.  These blocks get kind of a wonky framing in navy blues, then a navy border with red prairie points.  The boots are today’s puzzle:

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This year I’m starting a new theme.  It will be a sampler in pretty monochromatic colors:  teals, turquoises, aquas, some greens, with a pale aqua background.  Actually, it’s an identical stack of fabrics to the ones I gave away (to Eileen) earlier this spring, plus a few more.  (Thank you, Carol!  I only whimpered and whined a little bit, and she gave me the same FQ collection for my birthday.)   Should be fun!  We each do a block a month through November, with the final reveal in December.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Puzzle”

  1. Oh, heel, toe, docie doe, come on, baby let’s go boot scootin’
    Cadillac, black jack, baby meet me outback, we’re gonna boogie
    Yeah, get down, turn around, go to town, boot scootin’ boogie

    Yip, that’s right where my mind went. (I’m going to miss Brooks and Dunn not that they have retired.)

    That is going to be a very cute quilt!!!

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