Scary Photo…

much too scary and ugly to share with my readers, so this is a photo-less post (you’ll thank me later).  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I inherited (I hope) some of my dad’s good traits: his easy-going nature, his sense of humor and sense of fun, his problem-solving and creativeness, and his honesty.  But then there’s the high cholesterol.  And the moles.   (I told you this was going to get ugly.)  I have my moles checked regularly by a dermatologist and have had several basal-cell cancer spots removed.  Not a big worry — they just needed to go, and need monitoring regularly. 

Have you ever tried to really look at your own back?  Well, being the problem-solving and creative person I am, I got my camera, and went to get a good look in the bathroom mirror.  I aimed the camera back over my right shoulder and took a photo into the mirror.  I anxiously checked the camera display.  OH, MY GOD!!!  It wasn’t the number of moles that was so shocking; I knew they were there.  It was the *ahem* fat.  I have a fat back.  Really scary, really ugly, really fat.  I guess I thought if I couldn’t see it, it wasn’t there.

I started a diet today.  And I exercised today.  And I ordered a new swimsuit from Omar the Tent Maker that has a high front and a very high back to protect me better from the sun on the rare occasions that I hot-tub-it.

I like FitDay as a free online calorie-counting aid.  I used it successfully a few years ago.  It worked for me before; it will work for me again.  Between calorie counting and putting in some time on the eliptical trainer, I WILL look better by fall.  And I WON’T be taking any more of those over-the-shoulder pictures!


5 thoughts on “Scary Photo…”

  1. OMG – I just wet myself! I knew it would be something like that, although that image would have sent me directly to the freezer for the Ben & Jerry Cherry Garcia ice cream!

  2. Never have thought of taking a picture of my back, now I sure won’t take one. Eileen

  3. Oooh I love elipticals! Now I just need to get one (or go back to the gym!)And I definitely don’t want to take a picture of my back ( or the rest of me!!) That can’t really be me!!! I don’t look like that do I? Congrats on winning Vickie’s give away!

  4. Sue, you are too much! I cannot believe it was as bad as you wrote…but sure made my day!!!!

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