Photo Friday

I was going through some photos from the past couple of weeks, seeing what I could post today.  I was struck by a number of bird pictures where the birds are looking straight at me.  Well, they are not really.  They are looking at the window trying to figure out where that red beam is coming from (assuming birds aren’t color blind) and if they are in danger. 

If a bird seems pretty skittish, especially the hummingbirds, I will prefocus the camera on something that’s about the same distance away as the bird.  I usually use the top of the hummingbird feeder to prefocus on.  I press and hold the shutter half-way down to prefocus, adjust my aim so the bird is in the viewfinder, and take the picture.  Obviously, I didn’t do that for these pictures! 

First, a cute little Chickadee giving me “the eye” (and don’t you love the attitude in his stance?):

A Savannah Sparrow sharing a few words of wisdom with me:

A Goldfinch, thinking something pretty suspicious is going on:

I think this is a juvenile Brown-Headed Cowbird:

And that sums up who’s been looking at me lately.


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