The Birds & The Bee

I have some catching up to do on my pictures!  These are all photos taken out my front kitchen window.  The little crab tree is a stopping place for all kinds of birds and bees.  This bumblebee lumbered his way through the blossoms a few days ago:

I have seen more of the usual suspects:  goldfinches, blackbirds, cow birds, and savannah sparrows.  This was the first time, though, that I spotted a Blue Jay in my little tree:

And I never thought I would get such a close shot of a Blue Jay:

I hope he stops back again!  I’ve never seen one so close before.

I had all but given up hope on the hummingbirds this spring, but I did see one briefly this afternoon.  She didn’t stop and take a drink from the feeder, so tomorrow morning I’ll put fresh syrup in.  We’ve had so much big-bird activity at the nearby seed feeder, I’m wondering if the bigger birds are keeping the hummers away?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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