The Birds and a UFO

Since this is SUPPOSED to be a quilting blog (I know sometimes the birds just want to take over…), I thought I’d start with my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  I started this some time ago, and it’s a great project to have on hand when you need some hand work.  I finished another block this week (after this project spent a lengthy time ignored seasoning in the closet).  It will have the charcoal gray “path” between all the blocks.  Some day.

The birds continue to be interesting, and it’s fun to see who stops by.  I finally have a little hummer visiting me!

And the blue jay has been a somewhat regular visitor.  He has to work so hard to get a few seeds out of a feeder meant for much smaller birds.  Doesn’t he look like an all-white bird from the front?

Check out the back view though:

In the wooded area behind us, there’s a tall, dead tree that’s a popular lookout point for birds.  Here is a tree swallow taking a look-see (I’m zoomed full-out, so excuse the graininess):

The next time I looked, there was a mourning dove up there.  I usually see them picking at the seeds on the ground, and it seemed a little strange to see this guy up so high:

Then I saw this Mystery Bird in the grass.  Hmm, I thought he was quite attractive, notwithstanding that yellow cone of a beak.  I looked him up in the big book of birds, and I think it’s a European Starling.  A starling!!!  Oh, well, I guess sometimes the villian in the movie is handsome too…


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  1. read your post today (yes, i’ve got one of those GFG’s lurking too!). right under your post on my blog reading list (by very happy coincidence) was a post regarding an Australian quilter, Sue Daley, and her paper piecing. well of course one thing led to another and i found her site and blog. My gosh what eye candy! had to share with you for inspiration’s sake. this will have your GFG back out of the closit and in your hands in a hurry!


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