Design Wall Monday

I know I’ve been a Bad Blogger lately, having disappeared for a couple of weeks.  I know I’ve been a BB when I hear from either my Aunt Bert (AL) or my Friend Eileen (IL), gently inquiring, is everything all right?  This time it was Aunt Bert, and yes, everything is pretty much “all right”.  After a bout of sinus problems that went straight into my ears (imagine your head in a bucket of water for a week), I was then treated to a couple of weeks of late-October-weather-in-May (rainy, gloomy, cold).  Throw in a bit of an issue that bothers me but it isn’t under my control, so I need to quit worrying/thinking/not sleeping about it.  Easier said than done!  But I am trying.

So on to fun stuff.  I have been working on some projects.  My fabric challenge for the Minnesota Quilt show NEXT MONTH!!!  Yikes!  I think that October weather tricked me into thinking the calendar was going backwards.  I have a little less than two weeks to get it done; good thing it’s a wall hanging.  I’ll show you a sneak peak of a bee and a flower:

Bags!  I started some little tote bags to gift later on — well, one will be for me, of course!  It’s from a This & That pattern that was a free handout at a quilt shop get-together last month.  Just a simple little bag.  I decided to cut into this gorgeous Michael Miller fabric.  I’ve already cut the selvages off, so I can’t tell you anything more than I kinda think it might be a Paula Nadelstern fabric.  I only have a yard that I found on Ebay a couple of years ago, and this is the kind of fabric you just want to “collect” and not ever use!  By modifying the pattern, I’m going to get four tote  bags out of this fabric (by making the bottom third of the bags black).

Socks!  I haven’t started a new pair for a while, so I lovingly (I’m not kidding, I LOVE my sock yarns) fondled each of my skeins of sock yarn, and selected this Opal Harry Potter sock yarn.  I’m knitting them up in my trusty fall-back pattern.  Just a traditional sock.  Love it so far; the 2nd will be a challenge to get to exactly match this first one, because the repeat is so long.  I’ll just have to see where this sock ends to see if I can start in the same place on the 2nd sock.  I bought this yarn because I thought it would look great with blue jeans, so I’m not going to care too much if they don’t match.

Dishcloths?  I remember someone on a plane one time asking me what I was knitting.  I answered, “Dishcloths”.  I still remember the look of disbelief I got.  It seemed to say, did you know you can buy those?  Cheap?  Dishcloths are such a good, mindless knitting project, and in the past month I’ve knitted several of these.  The big plus is I can now do this pattern from memory.  Okay, I admit that wouldn’t be a plus for most people…

And that’s what’s on my design floor, kitchen island, and sewing room table this week.

Be sure to stop by JudyL’s blog and see what others are working on!  And come back later today, and I’ll be telling you what I’ve done in the cleaning/organization part of my goals for this month/year.


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  1. you’ve been busy in spite of the other things going on in your life! love your pictures-really like the fabric and blocks in your challenge picture.

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