Yes, I do love the birds.  (Well, most of them anyway.)  Some pictures from the past few days.  First, a bird I haven’t seen yet this year, although I have supplied yummy, fresh syrup and gorgeous floral surroundings:

The chipping sparrows have been regular visitors at the feeder, and actually seem to like feeding on the leftovers on the ground even better.  What good little Hoovers!  Note:  Looking at this post again, the chipping sparrow doesn’t have those stripes.  Is this a song sparrow?  I’m so hopeless…

And what is this bird???  I’ve been learning birds one at a time, as they come and visit and I snap a picture.  Is this a grosbeak?  Bigger than the goldfinches and sparrows.  My best guesses from my bird book was a grosbeak or a blue bunting.  Actually, a female blue grosbeak seems most likely.  Help?

On a little field trip I took myself on, I saw this majestic fellow.  I only wish I could have been closer:

Yup, a bald eagle.   At least I can identifyf this guy!

That’s it for now.


7 thoughts on “Birds…”

  1. Sue

    I think the first bird above might be a Savannah Sparrow. That is the closest I could find in my bird book. Wish I could have seen the birds back. The second one looks closest to me to be a adult female Brown Headed Cowbird. The colors match up and the pattern on the wing. Those are my guesses.

  2. Patrick has convinced me…the sparrow is a Savannah Sparrow, and the mystery brown bird is a female brown-headed cowbird. Thank you, Patrick!

  3. OMG A bald Eagle! How unbelievable! How lucky you were to see such a majestic creature!!! My dh just loves everything Eagle. I will have to show him your photos. 😉

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