A “Working” Vacation

What would you do if you had seven days at home, alone (i.e., no cooking), to spend as you please?  DH will be out of town for a few days, and I find myself in that happy ever-so-lonely predicament.  (Really, Honey, I miss you already.)  Driving home from the airport this morning, my brain was flooding with ideas of how I want to carefully spend this gift of time.

  • Each day I’m going to spend some time at the longarm working on UFOs (well, for this week, and for weeks to come!).
  • Each day I’m going to tackle something icky — a closet, a cupboard, the windows, drawers, the mud room — and get some spring cleaning done.  I won’t get everything done, but it will be some good progress.
  • Each day I’m going to grab my camera and GO OUTSIDE to take some pictures.  I think I’ll do kind of a pictoral tour of our little suburb that’s straddling the fence between city and country.
  • By this time next week, I’d like to have my challenge quilt for the Minnesota Quilt Show in June figured out and have at least the top done.  Right now, I’m mostly just confused *sigh*.

And I’m starting this week of projects off right; I’m  having lunch with a friend today!  Just enough time left this morning to pin my primitive stars UFO up on the longarm, make a pass or two, fold a load of clothes, and take a shower.

Really, what would you do with the gift of a week?


6 thoughts on “A “Working” Vacation”

  1. I had 4 hours (yesterday) and was able to clean the upstairs carpeting with the house to myself. I have to think some more on what I’d do with a week.

  2. I would just enjoy being home for a week, even if I wasn’t alone. If I was alone I would go to a few quilt shops and do some serious looking around. Then I would spend a lot of time trying to make my quilt come out to the measurements that they call for. p.s. the aqua peeps were delicious!! Eileen

  3. It would be heavenly . . . although I don’t mind having My Cowboy around. When he’s there, he does my part of the chores if I ask nicely enough, and he also cooks for me and does laundry sometimes, so if he was to stick around, I could do even more quilting, if I only had a whole week where no one was asking me for stuff or expecting things from me! Oh, the bliss! Enjoy — it sounds like you have a good plan . . .

  4. I would get the house all cleaned up real fast and then just relax and watch movies, eat popcorn, visit with friends, go shopping, sleep in late, have Caribou coffee most days.

  5. Isn’t it nice to be alone and putter around doing what you want when you want to once in awhile!!

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