Telephoto Tuesday

Nope, your calendar isn’t fast; this blogger is just slow.  I spent most of yesterday with a family member while she had a four-hour test done at a clinic.  Got  some knitting done and caught up on my magazine reading!

So, back to the birds out my kitchen window.  I was just thinking this morning how sick I would be if anything happened to this crab tree — it’s a major source of entertainment for me.  This House Finch was giving me the look.  “Hey, Lady, shoot that red beam somewhere else!”

The Goldfinches have been abundant this spring.  I don’t often catch them on a branch; they are usually at the feeder.

And another one:

The blooms are pink for such a short time.  When they fully open, they are white.  We’ve also had a Chipping Sparrow hang around.  He is usually cleaning up the seed that falls to the ground, but this time he decided to go directly to the source (this is the picture I had you imagine last week when I couldn’t upload photos!  Was it everything you imagined?):

You might be thinking, “Poor Sue, she only has one window in her house.”  We DO have other windows, and sometimes something catches my eye and I grab my camera.  I thought this was a duck feeding off the bottom of the pond behind us.  I looked through the camera, and thought maybe this one-eyed duck was mooning me.  Then he popped upright and I could see…

It’s a goose!  Wednesday’s Puzzle later today…