Design Wall Monday

Oh, it’s good to be back!  Actually, I’ve been here at home, nursing a sick computer.  Well, REALLY actually, DH and DS#2 spent a lot of time doing the nursing, curing two computers of cooties while I paced the floor, wringing my hands. 

So a little bit about where my head is at lately.  UFOs!!!  Last week I dug out the UFOs that are completed tops, ranging from queen sized to table toppers, just awaiting the magic that happens when they get quilted and become a . . . quilt!  If I count the fairies pre-printed panels, there are 14.  *groan*  The good news though is that I finished one!!!  This is a quilt I did along with JudyL called It’s In The Bag.  I used Hobbs Poly Down, a really light-as-a-feather, not-too-thick batting, quilted with the panto  Cascade, purchased through Golden Threads (as opposed to the 80/20 batting I usually use).  This quilt will get sent off to surprise a relative — after I show it at guild next month.  A photo before it was bound that shows the quilting better, and then a picture of the totally completed quilt:

I was going to crop the picture of the quilt on the Railing of Honor for Completed Quilts.  Then I noticed my wireless headphones, and decided to leave it “as is”.  Do you use headphones while quilting/sewing? 

It’s not on the longarm yet, but this is the next quilt in the UFO queue:  a slice & dice, swap a piece around, kind of quilt.  It’s one of my oldest UFOs, probably 7 or 8 years old.  Is that right, Betty?  I know it’s OLD!

I’m also working on a challenge that I can’t show you for a while, but here are the required fabrics (plus I added a few more):

And I’m going to sneak in a new project.  Three of us went to a quilt shop’s club meeting last week, and we got a  free handout of a pattern for a nice little tote bag.  I have this fabric in my stash that I think would be perfect:

I have some bird pictures I’m saving for tomorrow (Telephoto Tuesday), but I’ll share a picture today that I took last week of our flowering crab out our window.  Spring came early to Minnesota this year, and I don’t think this tree has ever been prettier.  (I probably say that every year!)

Thank you again, Judy, for hosting Design Wall Monday.  It’s always my favorite post of the week!


12 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. Love the colors you used for “It’s in the Bag” quilt. I made one with bright colors. I really like your subdued colors better. That slice & dice is a real eye-catcher.

  2. great quilt pictures! and glad your computer is all better! I’m having a different internet service installed today….they assure me I will like it better, easier, faster (it must be bionic) and it’s free for a month…plus they gave be a 2nd mo. free since I said “oh can I think about it and call you back”, so I really had to try it…I’ve almost cancelled twice. I’m so scared of technology…gives me the shivers.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful and the quilting makes it look so very special. If this is an example of what you have hiding away, you need to get more of them out in the open!

  4. Great eye candy. I liked every thing you posted! No, I don’t use head phones when sewing and quilting. Is it to save our ears?

  5. No, Tea, they are to listen to music or TV wirelessly. My machine is just noisy enough that I can’t follow a TV show without using the wireless headphones.

  6. I have to admit, I didn’t like the quilt before you put the raspberry material on it, but now I love the finished product! What a difference that made. I hope I like mine that much when it is done. Was having trouble with the 1/4 inch seam. Went to the store where I purchased my machine and found out the quarter inch foot made in China was not a perfect quarter of an inch foot.( he didn’t tell me that when he sold me the foot).Now I have the one made for a Viking and it works great! Live and learn. Eileen

  7. LOL. I don’t use headphones but I stole hubby’s bose radio he won at work and I get books on tape. (they sound great on a Bose Radio even if it was nabbed clean out from under his nose!)


  8. OH Sue! I love that animal print star old UFO!!! Do you by any chance still have the pattern or can you direct me where to find it? I love that!!!

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