A pictureless post.  We’ve been having some trouble with our desktop computer lately, and today it refused to upload pictures.  WELL!  If I had more time, I’d upload them unto another computer, but I’m meeting quilting friends for a trip to Quilt Cove for Quarter-Inch Club. 

Using your imagination, picture my Stash Quilt (JudyL’s Out of the Bag quilt — 5th pattern down) totally finished.  There’s nothing so beautiful as a newly bound quilt!

Also, picture an adorable photo of a chipping sparrow noshing at the finch feeder.  It was late in the day, and the lighting was perfect! 

And while you’re using your imagination, imagine me 5′ 8″, 130 pounds, perfect skin and … WHAT?  You’re having trouble with this one???  You could imagine the quilt and the bird!!!

Photos later (except of me, of course).  Have a great day.  In case you hadn’t noticed, It’s Friday — all day!  This breaking news compliments of…


3 thoughts on “Grrr…”

  1. Oh heck yeah, it’s Friday! I have 25 days to go!

    Your finished stash quilt is beautiful by he way. I really like the quilting treatment that I’ve imagined on it.

  2. Oh that darn computer, I wanted to see the skinny minny holding up her newly quilted quilt!!!

    I need to get mine out and get it quilted.

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