Tweety Bird Post #2

Some more what’s-out-my-window bird photos taken from the comfort of my home.  I definitely do need to wash the windows though!

The goldfinches have been hungry little boys and girls this week.  They have been regulars at my two seed feeders.  Isn’t this sweet?  Mr. and Mrs. Finch are having their dinner together.  Don’t you love the pattern the black-and-white feathers make when viewed from behind?

This is my first spring birding season with my new camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ35).  I’m still learning how to use all the features on it.  It does a great job of recording the detail of the bird’s feathers — as long as I’m close enough when I take the picture.   I think it’s fun to see feather detail like this on birds that we never get to see up close.

There was a pretty little house finch that wanted to join the goldfinches for dinner.  Only one problem.  His beak is too darn big for the little slot for the thistle seed.  (Say that ten times really fast!)  He did clean up all the loose bits the goldfinches left behind though.

Finally, my First Robin of Spring 2010!  What a handsome fellow:

–Sue (who needs to do some sewing and stay away from the windows for a while!)

3 thoughts on “Tweety Bird Post #2”

  1. love the detail that you’re getting with your new camera! and i can see that your goldfinches are still moulting as well.

  2. Great shots! I love the details that you get with your camera. I saw the fattest robin the other day. He was a big as a crow. Well maybe not that big but big enough. Too many worms for him.

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