Tweet, Tweet, Tweet…

Don’t you love to hear the birdies sing?  Spring is really here in Minnesota.  We’ve had an exceptionally mild March and April, and all of a sudden, those little birdies are everywhere!  A sampling of the last four days…a male cardinal:

A female cardinal (I think she was checking for fallen bird seed under the feeder):

A cute little chipping sparrow:

And a downy woodpecker:

It was so interesting to watch this woodpecker climb straight up this tree with no difficulty at all.  It looks like he has wide-spread toes to really grip the bark.

Well, I’ll save the rest of the flock for another post!


2 thoughts on “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet…”

  1. Isn’t it amazing the colour difference betweeen the male and female cardinal. One time my friend and I were walking on a sidewalk and there was a woodpecker right in front of us, pecking at something betweeen the cracks in the cement. I had never seen one up close before. I usually just here them and it was pretty neat seeing it.

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