It’s About Time!

I really have been getting some sewing done!  I mentioned the other day how consumed I’ve been by geneology lately.  Well, I’ve also been obsessed by these new Drunkard’s Path templates I bought a couple of weeks ago.  These templates are by Elisa’s Backporch Designs.  They are absolutely addicting.  After purchasing the 7″ set, I found that if you’re using fat quarters, you have a piece of fabric left over that’s perfect for cutting out a few more pieces with the 3.5″ set (actually, she tells you that in the pattern).  Ran back to the quilt shop and purchased the 3.5″ set. 

And let me mention — they may seem a little pricey, but you are getting the templates and a pattern!  It’s less than you would pay for a book, and these templates are sooooo much fun.  I heartily recommend them if you have been feeling kind of stale about quilting and need a new spark (cheaper than therapy and safer than a boyfriend).

And the bonus!  I am using the most awful fabric (in my opinion) that’s been hidden on a back shelf because I dislike it so much.  It was a several-years-ago on-line purchase, super cheap, and totally disappointing to me.  (I apologize to anyone who has this fabric and loves it!)  I decided to use this butt-ugly fabric as a test using these templates, just in case I couldn’t handle the curved stitching.  Well, guess what?  I now love this b-u fabric, and am totally loving the quilt top.  Here it is, curves stitched together but rows not stitched:

I cleared 27 FQs out of the really ugly part of my stash, and am turning it into a quilt I love.  Is that magic or what?  Now, you may be saying to yourself, that fabric isn’t so bad…

It has gold metallic on every single piece:

It has a lot of shimmer and shine to it, bordering on well into the gaudy range.  And 27 FQs will make this 60 x 67 quilt, plus a baby/toddler quilt/wall hanging as a bonus.  I think the original pattern called for something like 20 FQs.

Don’t be afraid of stitching the curves.  Took me two or three tries on each size before I didn’t have to rip out a pleat.  Once you get the hang of it, you will have these done in no time at all.  Minimal pinning!

Did I mention I LOVE these templates?  Thick acrylic, you cut out several layers at a time with your rotary cutter.  Use a little rotary cutter on the 3.5″ pieces.  Worth every penny.


(PS:  This is the layout shown on the 7″ template packaging.  Of course, the possibilities are endless.  This is a great FQ buster!!!)

6 thoughts on “It’s About Time!”

  1. i always loved the look of the Drunkard’s path quilts, but never had the courage to try curved piecing. So glad that you had the gumption to go ahead.

  2. I think you have inspired me to get out my virgin Backporch templates and have a go at making something. I have had them for a very long time. I am tired of cutting my ‘not so favourite’ batiks into strips. It’s time to try some curved piecing.

    Thanks for a great blog. I love it.

  3. I feel the same way about my teal quilt. I pulled the fabrics because I hated them and wanted them out of my stash. Now that the quilt is coming together I suddenly like teal! Your quilt is looking great too!

  4. I’ve seen that fabric around and never ever bought any because “what would you do with it?” But you did a great job putting it all together. I have the same templates(actually I have all of them) and used them to cut out a set of fqs that were in my stash. I only sewed a few but now I think I’ll sew them all up. Thanks for the inspiration.

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