Birthday Cake

My birthday was two months ago, and it seems like at my house, moms don’t usually get cake.  I get taken out to dinner, the occasional present, lots of cards and good wishes.  Just no cake.  It’s not like I NEED cake — goodness knows I don’t.  I’m not even that big a fan of cake.  I would truthfully rather have PIE! 

Shortly after my birthday this year, we spent a couple of days at SIL Grace’s and BIL Ronnie’s house, south of Houston, TX.  It was extra fun, because SIL Lee from Denver was there visiting as well.  When you put Grace and Lee (sisters) together, you never know what will happen!  They had arranged for the most special “quilter’s cake” for me!

Isn’t that just too much fun?  It was also delicious.  And I love the six candles.  Remember how few worries we had at six years of age?  Sounds good to me!

Thank you, Grace, Ronnie & Lee!  I loved my cake.


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