Jonah & The Whale

Have you ever been CONSUMED?  No, not like Jonah…

We have had a missing limb on our family tree.  My paternal grandmother had a fairly brief first marriage in the 1920s, which resulted in my dad and an uncle.  This first marriage was never talked about, and I wasn’t aware of it until my late teens.  It didn’t matter to me at that time; it didn’t change how I felt about my dad’s adoptive father — he would always be grampa to me.

As I got older, though, I wondered more about this quarter of my being.  I only had a name, and couldn’t find out much about him.  I wanted to get some answers before my dad died.  I didn’t.  But I kept looking, every few months when the bug would bite me again.  I found his parents, but the age I had for him (I’ll call him MissingDad) was too old.  He really didn’t fit into this family.

I put a plea for help out on an ancestry bulletin board some time back, hoping that would generate a lead on this man named MissingDad.  Well, two weeks ago I got a reply from someone who was looking for MissingDad too.  He had a theory.  He thought maybe MissingDad was really another son in this same family, let’s call him “Larry”, who either changed his name or had a nickname or was maybe trying to disappear for a while.

Hmmm.  Finally a lead.  I was CONSUMED by this search.  I’m glad we don’t pay for internet use or Ancestry dot com by the hour!  We wanted to be able to confirm they were one person, or disprove it.  It was such a tantalizing thought, but because it MADE SENSE! 

I talked to my mom several times, and to my aunt on the phone and by e-mail, and they were searching their memories for any shred of a memory of what Grandma ever said about MissingDad.  My mother remembered something that ties the two together perfectly!  I could hear the angels singing!  Actually, I did get goosebumps when my mom said she remembered Grandma saying (when my mother was pregnant with me) that she could be having twins because MissingDad was a twin.  Well, guess who else is a twin???  Yup, Larry.

I really wish I could share this with my dad, but he’s been gone for 11 years next month.  Hey, maybe he does know, I did hear angels singing! 

I feel a lot like Adrian Monk this week.  And thank you, DMS (like he reads quilting blogs, but you never know…), for your theory and sharing it with me!  I don’t know if I would have ever gone down that path without you.


2 thoughts on “Jonah & The Whale”

  1. That is really intriquing…. Can you imagine the problem people will have tracing their family trees 100 years from now with all of the non-traditional families now? I used to work in a historical society and I LOVED helping people track down their little tidbits that might help solve a mystery…

  2. Wow, really good sleuthing, Mom. I really thought we’d never find answers about that missing arm of the family tree. 🙂

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