I take lots of pictures, and sometimes I wonder why.  When I go to the birding center and Paradise Pond, I have taken over 600 pictures on a single afternoon.  Then I delete-delete-delete, until I have a more reasonable number to save.  The good part of having so many pictures to choose from is sometimes I find a surprise in the pictures that I didn’t notice when I was busily shooting away.

When I took this picture, I was noticing that the Black-Necked Stilts and the American Avocets were out of the water and standing on the sandy point with the Roseate Spoonbills.

As I got a better view of the point in my pictures, a big white bird entered into view.  I didn’t notice it at the time, but viewing it on the computer monitor I thought maybe it was an albino!!!

What the heck?  Then I started looking for this white bird in other photos, and I could see it was a White Ibis, doing wing lifts just like the spoonbills.  (Albino!  What was I thinking???)

I enjoyed getting a better view of a Black-Necked Stilt right on the point of the sand bar.  (The Black-Necked Stilts look like they are wearing tuxedos.)  Look at those skinny, long legs!  (The Avocets have the white horizontal stripe on their wings.)

Another computer monitor surprise was the big turtle in the midst of all these birds.  Do you see him?  He on the far side of the sand bar.

What a busy little piece of real estate.