Monday’s Birds

A warm sunny morning turned into a warm-sunned chilly-wind afternoon.  Of course, I went to the birding center in the less-than-pleasant afternoon.  There were still some good photo ops.  The Cormorants are plentiful down here, but I seldom take their pictures.   Here is one coming in for a landing to hang out with his buds…

Another common bird I don’t photograph very much are the American Coots:

  This Brown Pelican was flying low, skimming over the water:

At Paradise Pond, the Black-Crowned Night Herons are really abundant right now.  You don’t see very many in the trees, but they are nocturnal and lift up out of the trees about dusk.  People have counted well over 100 of them.  I have to get over there this week between 6:30 and 7:00 pm to check it out this year.

But the Great Blue Herons were the stars of the show again.  It’s the beginning of their nesting time.  There were a number of lone Great Blue Herons in this grove of trees…

along with this pair.  Awwww…

But my favorite heron picture is probably this next one, with the sun hitting the spring-green foliage:


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  1. Gosh Sue, you have the greatest pictures……you should put them together into a coffee table book! Thanks for sharing with us.

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