Bird Report

Port Aransas, TX, is a fun place to be this time of year.  There are all kinds of migratory birds passing through, and from day to day, you never know what you will see.

Last week, we went for a walk with friends through the newly developed “Charlie’s Pasture” area on the island.  From a viewing tower, we spotted what looked like a Great Blue Heron wading/fishing a distance away.  The only thing was, the nead and neck were kind of pinky colored.   I zoomed all the way out on my camera, hoping for the best and took a couple of pictures.  When I got it up on the computer monitor, I knew it wasn’t a blue heron — but what was it???

Okay, I know it’s a pretty bad picture, but it was enough to identify this critter.  It’s a Reddish Egret.  It’s so much fun to see something new, and I hope I get to see one again close up.

Today at the birding center, I saw some of the American Avocets in the water.  I usually see them on shore, so it was fun to see them swimming.

A single Roseate Spoonbill was hanging out on the same point where the alligator was a week ago or so.  There were many avocets, ducks of all kinds, dowitchers, black-necked stilts, and turtles on this little point also.

Today I stopped over at Paradise Pond and THAT’s where all the Great Blue Herons were hanging out.  


They weren’t wading in the water, but rather they were mostly in trees, with one deciding to fly over the pond, which was pretty exciting.  It’s hard to beat blue herons for for picture-taking.  The bird that circled overhead is the one that is picture up in the bare tree branches.  That was a rare treat; I’ve never seen one of them sit up there before.  Then he decided to get down lower into the brushy part of the tree, and kind of crashed and thrashed his way down through the branches.  For such a graceful looking bird, he moved through the tree like a gawky teenager! 

Wonder what I’ll see tomorrow?