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I wanted to do some comparison pictures between the two cameras (see previous post on the specifics) to see just what the differences are as far as the wide angle and zoom.  I took these pictures off our balcony this morning.  This is in the regular, unzoomed mode.  Old camera (Lumix FZ20 on left) and new camera (Lumix FZ35) on the right.  The new camera has more of a wide-angle lens:


Next I took photos zoomed in the full optical distance:  12 x on the left, 18 x on the right:


And finally I took a picture with each camera fully zoomed out through the optical and the digital, so 48 x for the old FZ20 on the left and 72 x for the new FZ35 on the right.  It doesn’t make a huge difference in the appearance at the end because the new camera starts out at a wider angle and that uses part of the zoom up (in my non-camera-expert speak).


You can see quite a difference in the first set of pictures. I like that wide-angle lens and it would have been nice on our Yellowstone trip. There is less difference in the second set at the maxed-out optical zoom. On the third set, with the digital zoom maxed out, there is a greater difference.

What doesn’t show here is whatever difference the increased megapixels will make (5 to 12.1), because I reduced all the  pictures down to the same pixel count for the internet.  I have noticed before that my old camera doesn’t have the most true color, and I’ve been correcting that with editing after the pictures are on my camera.  It’s apparent in these comparisons that the pictures on the left are too blue.

Well that was fun, for me anyway, and now I guess it’s time to get out there and shoot some pictures!


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  1. I think that was interesting! Have you noticed a change in the graininess of your pics? I don’t know if that was a problem or not, but it seems to be with mine, and I’m curious if more megapixels will help with the grain problems (especially in low light). Thanks for being my guinea pig. 🙂

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