New Camera

I have loved my “old” camera — a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20.  It came out in 2005; I bought mine in 2006.

Taking bird pictures, it seems you’re always wishing for more zoom.  I talked to a couple of serious bird photographers who were toting cameras with gigantic lenses and big, sturdy tripods; they even said they wished for more zoom.  *sigh*

About once a year, I research my dream dslr camera body and dream big lens.  Then I cringe at the cost, and pack that dream back up and stuff it in the back of my head.  This year, I thought to myself (because DH sure doesn’t want to hear this kind of talk), maybe I should just bite the bullet and get what I want.  Picked out my camera body and lens, started reading through the specs, and the lens weighs 8 pounds!!!  I would need to lug a tripod around!!!  I slept on that notion, and decided that wasn’t for me.  I will give up the big long lens in favor of a camera I can actually hang around my neck.  So what did I get? 

I have liked my Panasonic so well, I decided to go with their Lumix FZ35.  18x optical zoom, 4 times digital zoom.  12.1 megapixels.  Lens in the nonzoomed position is more of a wide angle.  Came out in 2009.  It is smaller and lighter than my old camera, which should be a plus for me.  After having three days to play with it, I like it.  I am still figuring things out.  It has more features, and everything isn’t in the same place.  It will take a little time to adjust to it.

So of course I went to the birding center today.  Here is a wide view from the top of the viewing tower:

You would be amazed at how many birds are in the picture — they just aren’t out in the open.  Notice the red circle.  I saw a Roseate Spoonbill drop in there for a landing so I zoomed in:

The spoonbills were cavorting on the other side of the cattails!  Do you think a single one would come on over to MY side of the cattails?  Nooooo… 

But they were joined by a flock of American Avocets (I think that’s what they are, anyway):

These pictures were all taken with my lens pretty much zoomed out.  I am going to try having some 4×6 prints made to see how they look and how much different the increase in megapixels makes.  It was fun to see the spoonbills today!  They have been pretty elusive this year.

And what am I going to do with my FZ20?  DH spoke for it, so it will be fun to go birding together with our his and hers cameras.  Actually, I want to sneak over there by myself with both cameras and do some comparisons with the two cameras.  Maybe this week.  Before the cold returns. 


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  1. Love your pictures .Your very good !! I have taken note to the name of your camera and will have to check it out .I had been wanting a new one too and one to take close ups of quilts .Thanks for your sharing …..

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