Puzzle Day

It’s been a fun and busy time — today is our “crafting day” and I have 20 people signed up to make a little cover for the purse-sized tissue packet.  I made three different ones from three on-line patterns, and none of them fit the current size of the tissue packs, and they all gaped open.  When I have time, maybe I’ll post the tutorial for my “new & improved” version.  They are such a simple little project, so I hope all goes well today.

And I bought a new camera!  Hopefully this afternoon I will have a chance to go to the birding center to try it out, side by side, against my old one.  Details to follow.

But for today, here is a puzzle for you (and for me) for a red-eared slider.  He just had his eyes and nose out of the water, and he was HUGE:

Click to Mix and Solve


One thought on “Puzzle Day”

  1. Love the turtle picture!! What kind of camera did you get? I purchased a new washer dryer!! Rather have the camera!

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