More About the Alligator

DH and I went back to the birding center today.  He missed seeing the ‘gator yesterday, and we thought we might be lucky and catch a glimpse of him (or her) again.  (By the way, I read on line that at least a couple of years ago, there were two alligators:  “Boots” and “Bags” — get it?  Alligator boots & bags?)  No such sighting today, but this was almost better!

We could see where he had traveled!

These channels are probably a couple of feet across, and quite deep!

In all the dozens and dozens of times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen ruts like this in the water.  Don’t care to ever meet this guy when he’s hungry!


2 thoughts on “More About the Alligator”

  1. It would have been fun to see this creature when we were there but the picture looked good too. Hopefully, it won’t take another 4 years for you to see it again.

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