A Trip to the Birding Center

I know I’ve said it before, but you never know what you’ll see at the Leonabell Turnbull Birding Center in town.  Some days the birds are few and far between; some days they are almost performing for you.  Some days you see things to make you realize it isn’t always a walk on the beach to be a bird.

The first things I saw were four Black Vultures circling high overhead.  Makes a person stand up a little straighter, trying to look healthy and fit.

After I took this photo, I looked down at my camera, looked back up — and they were GONE!  It was a little Alfred Hitchcock-ish.

I spent some time photographing some ducks that were in close (tomorrow’s pix) before I got to the observation tower and saw the alligator!  We saw him once about four years ago and hadn’t seen him since.

He was making himself quite at home, probably having a little nap, out on a point that is frequented by all kinds of birds.  There are a few ducks hanging back along the water’s edge.  What I noticed after I got this picture up on the computer is the cluster of roseate spoonbills in the tall grass towards the left of the alligator.  I was just hoping the ‘gator didn’t have any pink feathers stuck between his teeth.  I zoomed in on the alligator, but his head was hidden:

Someone there said they heard the ‘gator is 15 feet long, but they were estimating he’s more like 20 feet.  I don’t think it really matters.  He was BIG.

There’s more than one kind of “bird lover” that likes to hang around the birding center!


3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Birding Center”

  1. Wish we had seen him or her? It is a big Gator and I would still think there has to be more than one in the area. Don’t be wading down there!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Sue! I’d send you pix of mine, but up here it’s all white and frosty! Been doing a lot of reading, not as much quilting and sewing. Last night was the quilt-in, and I brought my serger to refresh myself on how to use it. My sister is coming to town next week (from Texas, can you imagine?)and wants to serge some napkins. Another easy project for your ladies would bw an oven mitt, if you have the right kind of batting. There are patterns for one that you essentially just stack up your pieces and sew binding around a rounded square. Free pattern here: http://theidearoom.blogspot.com/2009/10/oven-hand-mitt-tutorial.html

    Have fun!

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