Give-Away . . . Day 4

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Welcome to my blog and my give-away! 

Most of the country has had such, shall we say, less-than-desirable weather this winter, I thought it would be fun to have a beach-related give-away!  Today is Day #4 out of 5 days, so be sure to stop by tomorrow for another chance to comment and have an extra entry in the “drawing”!

Comment on this post for a chance at the prize package (even if you’ve commented previous days — you’re allowed one comment per day).

So far, I’ve described the peppermint foot scrub, the wristlet, the shell-inspired ornament, and the flamingo notebook.  All things I love and I’ve bought for myself!

Two more items in the photo are a seashore fragrance packet (I’ll ask you if you’re sensitive to fragrance if you win — it’s in a zip-lock bag for now), and a box of sea shell note cards, blank on the inside.  Here’s a photo of what I think is a female Ruby-crowned Kinglet, peeking up at me:

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Give-Away . . . Day 4”

  1. Do you read Birds and Blooms magazine? You should send your bird photos in to that magazine. That magazine has great photos and yours are as good as the ones they publish.

  2. Sue, I filled in the e-mail this time. I do not have a blog. Sorry, I’m new at this! I agree with Vicki W., your pictures would be great for Birds and Blooms magazine.

  3. I thought of you today because the kids and I went to the nature center and they have a viewing deck for birds. Plenty of birds but I couldn’t tell you what they were. Except a woodpecker and a turkey. Otherwise, they were just birds to me 🙂

  4. I haven’t seen many birds so it’s nice to at least have pictures of them to look at. Although today feels like sping is on the way!

  5. My last fabric purchase was birds; a Legacy Studio print I’d passed by before but suddently had a brainstorm of an idea….will see how THAT pans out…time will tell!

  6. Now exactly how close were you to that bird! 🙂 I saw some fabric with birds and birdhouses in a quilt mag the other day that you should do something with. 🙂

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