Give-Away!!! Day 1…

In celebration of the 100,000th visit to my blog, I thought a give-away would be in order.  In thinking about a theme, I thought since the whole country has had less than ideal weather this winter, it would be fun to take you all to the beach!  Well, that’s not quite in my budget, so one person will get a package containing some items from the beach town of Port Aransas, Texas.  There are lots of gift shops and fun places to explore in town, and here’s a selection that I’ve put together from my shopping forays:

14 thoughts on “Give-Away!!! Day 1…”

  1. Oh, boy, would I _love_ to be at the beach right now (preferably one without snow on it:)!! I would love to have your beach-y goodie as an alternative. What a great accomplishment! Thanks.

    🙂 Linda

  2. There we go- now I can comment. Hope the Texas snow didn’t make it that far south. I see the temperatures aren’t as warm as in FL but it sure beats the temperatures in MN (and TN for that matter)! It’s this time of year that I miss good ol SW FLA. Love the bird pictures.

  3. Wow 100,000 visitors. It’s been a pretty bad winter here in the UK too, and there isn’t even the thought of a good summer to look forward to – unless we take wing like some of your birds!

  4. Wow, 100,000 that is awesome! I can only say that at least today in Minnesota the sun is out and the sledding today was fun! The beach sounds pretty great right about now!

  5. How long have you had your Blog? Congratulations! Looking forward already to when we can go to the beach in Minnesota. Hope for an early spring and a great summer. See you soon.


  6. 100,000!!! Wow. Congrats on the milestone! Although we haven’t had the snow everyone else is getting and that’s pretty pathetic seeing I live in northern Maine, I can still stand some warmer breezes to lull me into summer thoughts.
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  7. Congratulations. Since we have snow here in northern Alabama, I really do miss visiting Port A. I am hoping that this will be our last blast of winter.

  8. Congratulations on 100,000 visits! I was so thrilled when I recently had 1,000 visits! Wow, I have a long way to go!
    Great give away. My parents used to visit Port Aransas when they spent the winters in Texas. A beach visit about now would be wonderful!! ♥

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