Design Wall Monday

A look at what I’ve done this past week, and what I’m working on.  Here is a close-up of one of the 28 Valentine’s Day cards I stitched up on Saturday.  Nothing fancy, to be sure, but I thought the fabric was adorable for an at-the-beach card.

Our “crafting group” (such a catchy name, don’t you think???) made these easy coasters from this tutorial.  They were a huge hit, and a fun easy way to use up some stash and have some gifts ready to give in the process!

I’m working on this Patricia B. Campbell Tree of Life 1 applique’d wall hanging.  Not much progress, I know.  I had a comment last week about perhaps not having enough contrast between the rocks and the background (although not many of the rocks are in place yet this week).  For better or for worse, this is intentional.  I am hoping the rocks look like they are coming forth from the “ground”.  We’ll see how it goes…I may end up changing fabrics out…I’ve been wrong before! 

Socks:  I’m STILL working on the same sock as I’ve been working on for quite a few days now…ready to do the heel flap, so that’s always exciting!  It will start to really look like a sock.  No photo this week, toooooo boring!

Other News: I have a give-away starting today, so click here for the give-away posting. Your comment(s) MUST be on the give-away posting(s) to be included in the drawing, although I would love it if you commented here also — it just won’t be your entry in the drawing.


3 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. Those postcards are really cute and I envy all you sock knitters out there but with my luck I would spend all that time knitting socks only to make a hole in them with my toes the first time I wore them! And I would love to comment on yor giveaway posting but it doesn’t give me a spot for comments and I don’t subscribe to feeds ( or even know really what they are for that matter)

  2. I’m really liking the Tree of Life colors, the fabric is great. On another note, I have 4 out of my 5 blocks done on my tablerunner – wish I could send you a picture.

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