Weekend Update — Sewing / Bird ID

QUILTING:   Judy L is having a Quiltathon this weekend. 

 We are staying in a condo in Texas where there are a lot of other Winter Texans seeking refuge from the winter weather of the north.  Every year we get a few valentines from friends, and I tell myself, I’m going to remember that next year and be ready to reciprocate.  Hah!  I forgot til today.

So I went to the little quilt shop we have in town (little is a lot better than none), found this cute fabric of children playing at the seashore.  I spent the rest of today (Saturday) making little “post card” valentines, but I called them “Candy-Grams” because I stapled a couple of pieces of salt-water taffy to each card.   They are very simply done, no fancy trims, not much quilting, no embellishments; I know I could have done something better.  Maybe next year?  Yeah, right.

Today, Sunday, I’ll get back to my overly ambitious applique project, but the valentines were a fun diversion.

BIRDS:  The birding center and Paradise Pond continue to offer surprises.  Last week the shrubs at the birding center were teeming with Yellow-Rumped Warblers:

Today at the birding center there was this tiny, quick bird who just wouldn’t sit still for a picture.  Didn’t he/she know that I do much better if the subject will actually sit still for two seconds — and five seconds would be really good?  I think this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet:

Which brings me to my mystery bird from last week.  Could it be a young and/or female Ruby-crowned Kinglet?  This little bird had the same jumping-around behavior, was very tiny, plus I think they look similar.  The Ruby-crowned Kinglets do frequent this area, but I haven’t seen them before.

The coloring looks different, but these two pictures by the pond are of the same bird.  What do you think it is, any ideas?


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