Design-Wall Monday

Oh, how I love Mondays when I have something to show!  I finished my apron.  Don’t love it, but don’t hate it either.  I’m going to make it again in a small print and a near-solid, and I think I will be much happier.  As Mary-Kay said, spots won’t show on this apron, so it will make a good “working apron”.

I’m at a waiting point on my at-the-beach skinny wall hanging.  I do love how this one is coming out.  It needs more embellishment and quilting, but I don’t have access to all my “stuff” right now.  Most of the “sky” is hidden because I had to wrap it around the railing and pin it.

I’m still working on my Crazy Zauberball socks.  This is the crazy yarn where there is no repeat in the striping pattern in the yarn, so your two socks are going to be different no matter what you do.  And mine are.  The yarn is wonderfully soft, and I’m guessing these socks are going to be favorites.  They will look great with denim.

And I started a new project.  This is an applique’d Patricia Campbell pattern, Tree of Life 1.  I started by doing a flower, but I need to work on the rocks and the tree trunk and branches.  What is most exciting to me is I’m using one of Vicki Welsh’s hand-dyed fabrics for my background (and also some FQs of hers for the tree itself).  I LOVE this piece of fabric.  To me it looks like a fiery sunset.  So you don’t think I’m getting myself in too deep for my second applique’ project?  Of course I am, but that seems to be what I do when I learn something new.  Okay, I can paint a stick man; now I think I will try to replicate the Cistene Chapel. 

I just eye-balled laying out some of the pieces, so it isn’t quite right; just wanted to give you an idea of what I’m doing. 

And I’m missing some of the rocks on the left-hand side, but I’m still debating on those fabrics.

And, guess what?  I passed 100,000 visits sometime in the night last night, so I’m going to have a give-away later this week!  The theme of the give-away is “At the Beach”, so be sure to check back. 

Wondering what other quilters are working on?  Pop on over to  Judy Laquidara’s blog.  And thank you, Judy, for hosting Design Mondays.  It’s a lot of fun, and a it encourages us to take stock once a week of our progress. 

And a thank you to Vicki for her wonderful hand-dyed fabrics.  To visit her shop, click here.


4 thoughts on “Design-Wall Monday”

  1. I like the skinny wall hanging. Once you finish embellishing it, it will look awesome. And the tree of life is looking pretty good too. I think your rock fabric blends in too much especiallt the last one on the left. What about a lighter/darker or more printed fabric?. That background fabric is great! Go Vicki! I think I’m going o have to get me some of her fabric.

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished “beach” with all the embellishments added! And those socks look quite comfy!!!!!

  3. love the beach skinny, the socks are pretty and the tree of life quilt is so cool-hope to see move in the future

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