Poor Choices…

(This is kind of a UFO Thursday Prevention post) 

Reflecting on my choices in life, I’m not disappointed.  I have a wonderful husband, love my kids, enjoy my neighbors, both in Minnesota and Texas; I maybe would have made different career choices early on if I would have had the opportunity to go to college (but then I wouldn’t have met Wonderful Husband).  All in all, not too bad and no regrets.

When it comes to fabric choices though, I don’t always hit a home run.  In making this apron, I’m barely making it to first base.  In fact, if I make it to first base, it will be on an error.

I mimicked the light/dark arrangement that was shown on the pattern cover.  My light fabric has MUCH too large a print for this pattern, and it really bothers me.  It would be marginally better (maybe 2nd base, but doubtful) if I had switched the light and the dark and put the bigger print on the trim and scallop pieces.  I also think it would have been better if I had left off the contrasting pockets on this one — it just cuts into the big print too much.  I think in my second go-around (or second at-bat), I will make one of the fabrics a nearly solid. 

When I reach this stage of not loving a project, that’s when it’s so easy to pack it away somewhere and it becomes a dreaded UFO.  I’m about 75% done with this apron, and the construction is going so well, I’m going to hold my nose and power sew right through to completion.

I love this pattern, and it is going together nicely.  I can’t wait to try it again with much smaller scale fabrics.  How are your projects going?  I hope you are loving whatever you’re working on!  It’s so much more fun.


5 thoughts on “Poor Choices…”

  1. Don’t laugh but my first thought when I saw this picture ( or at least the top part of it before I scrolled down) was that it reminded me of a bra or bathing suit top!!! And yes most of the time I don’t care for my choices ( even though others say they like them)- maybe that’s why I try to match whatever quilts, etc that I see in the magazines since the choice is already done. 🙂

  2. LOL that’s where i use my favorite two quilting tools;
    1. letting the project rest a while.
    2. deciding after the rest that the first choice to chuck it all was the right one.

    sometimes i can get re-inspired after hitting a snag (if i wait long enough, LOL) but other times i realize that my available storage space is just as precious as my time invested, and one or the other has to win out.
    So if i need to throw out a partially finished project that i don’t like, or re-purpose the fabrics for something else, then i do it. the last thing i want is to not make any progress because i can’t stand to to throw out something that i just don’t like.
    Sadly i had a quiling friend who did just that. she became paralized by a stash bought years ago that just didn’t work for her now. All she could see was how much fabric $$’s she would be throwing away, and yet she didn’t want to donate it either. So sad!

  3. I’m still working on my tablerunner but at least the block looks like the picture so that is always good.

    Are you entering this apron in the fair or making a different one? I think all of your sewing looks great.

  4. O.k. it does look a little busy but you have to have a less than perfect project once in a while in order to give the rest of us some hope.

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