Bird Baths

When I was a child a very long time ago, we lived on a farm.  We had a small bathroom (thankfully I’ve always enjoyed indoor plumbing), but there was no bathtub or shower.  Baths were reserved for Saturday night when a round galvanized steel wash tub was brought out for the weekly ritual.  When I got older, I could go next door (a two-family farm) to my grandparents’ house and use their basement shower.  Did you have “bath day” as a child? 

I figure it must be Thursday baths for the ducks and grebes, as they were all in a splish-splashy mood when we were at the birding center Thursday.  An American Coot:

A Green-Winged Teal had been bathing, and had apparently entered the spin-dry cycle:

A very enthusiastic Least Grebe:

Here is a Moor Hen who is determined to get all those tricky hard-to-reach areas:

And the Ruddy Duck was doing a little grooming.  What good, clean ducks!

On a quilting note, I’m making good progress on my beach scene skinny wall hanging, and hopefully I’ll have a picture so I can participate in Design Wall Mondays again!


3 thoughts on “Bird Baths”

  1. We sure did have “bath days”. Saturday nights. That water would be so dirty I can’t imagine that we were ever clean. My older brothers were first as they were always off somewhere for the evening. Then it was the younger boys and then my sister and I. I think the water was changed every 3 kids. By the time we got in there, there was no hot water and no dry towels. One bathroom and 10 kids. I think my parents were nuts for having so many children but you know those catholics! Actually there are only 9 of us and my cousin lived with us since he was 2. He had some real crappy parents who just left him with us and never came back to get him. Good thing my parents had the room…. in their hearts, not in the house. What’s one more when there’s 9 already. All the neighbourhood kids were at our house anyway.

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