Birds, Turtles & a Quilting Project

Well, that title pretty much covers my life lately!  Well, to be accurate, I would have to include hot-tubbing, potlucks, crafting group, eating out and parties in general.  Have I mentioned that we are having a lot of fun in Texas?  Well, we are!    Decent weather, great people, lots of fun things to see and do. 

Today was a better day than forecast, so we went to the birding center and Paradise Pond.  (By the way, in the mile or so between them, there’s a quilt shop!)  We saw some new birds added into the “duck soup” at the birding center.  The first is a little guy (compared to the ducks).  He’s a Least Grebe, and of course I happen to have a photo:

He is recognizable by his golden eye and the narrow bill.  The grebes aren’t good at walking because their legs are so far back on their bodies, but they are excellent swimmers and divers.  Doesn’t he look like the back part is just missing?

In the same area was a Ruddy Duck:

He really stayed close to the reeds.  He is one of the stiff-tailed ducks.  They use their tail as a rudder when they swim under the water.  They are also identified by their white cheeks.  Their bills are blue when it’s mating season.  In some pictures his bill looked more blue than others, but mostly at the base.  Cute, isn’t he?

Then, moving on to not-so-cute…

was this Turkey Vulture.  There were three of them, mostly sitting atop this big pole.  (Gotta win the lottery and get that really good camera with the monstrous lens that’s on my dream list!)

And for the quilty part — I’m making a skinny runner out of Eleanor Levie’s book, Skinny Quilts & Table Runners.  Actually, mine is a wall hanging, not a runner, and it’s a beach scene.  Here’s a picture of the pieces laid out together (it’s been changed a zillion times since though) with a picture of the pattern…

I’ve since picked up the fabric for the “sand”, but the quilt shop didn’t have any “sky” fabric.  I should be able to get that Saturday when we go to the quilt show in Rockport.   (A quilt show!!!  The fun just continues.)


PS:  In a month or so, I will hit 100,000 visits.  I think I feel a give-away coming on!

4 thoughts on “Birds, Turtles & a Quilting Project”

  1. Oh, you MUST be more respectful of the Turkey Vulture! They are my most favorite bird because they clean up all of the messes for me. Nature’s very own vacuum cleaner. What could be better? I’d have one in the house if I could train it to really vacuum. lol!

    Your wall hanging is going to look great!

  2. Aren’t those ducks so cute and fuzzy! Can’t wait to see the wall hanging- sounds interesting. Wow- it wasn’t that long ago you passed 40,000 visits!!! You sound like you’re having such a good time in TX. We are preparing for another round of what they say will be 8-10 inches of snow in our part of TN. Hope the power stays on this time!!!

  3. Vicki’s comment made me laugh. I agree, I especially think everyone with children should be issued their very own “house vulture” to help keep down the messes!

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