Telephoto Tuesday

Monday I made the short trip to both Paradise Pond and the Leonabelle Turnbull birding center.  It’s always a surprise to see what birds are there — or aren’t there.  Last week Paradise Pond was teeming with Great Blue Herons, Black-Crowned Night Herons, and Ibises.  This week there were turtles.  Lots and lots of turtles.  It was a warm sunny day, and anywhere there was the slightest bit of a log protruding out of the water, there were more turtles!  In case you’re interested, these are Red-Eared Sliders.  In the third picture, you will see the tell-tale red marking on the turtle’s head.  The largest ones are pretty close to the size of a dinner plate.

Then I made the 2-minute drive to the birding center.  No big birds at all.  From a far distance, I did see three of the Showy Egrets, and I saw one Tri-Colored Heron, also a little too far away.  Lots and lots of ducks, just like last week.  It was a calmer day, however, and with the bright sunshine, a lot of the ducks were taking a floating nap, like this Green-Winged Teal:

We sometimes see Moor Hens, but they are usually walking along the shoreline, in and out of weeds, and I haven’t been very successful in getting a good picture.  Today this guy was having a nice swim:

And a picture of a Northern Shoveler:

The water was so much more calm this week, it made for some nice reflections.  The next time I go, the weather, the birds, and the water will all be different.  It’s always an adventure!


3 thoughts on “Telephoto Tuesday”

  1. Love the pictures. Even more impressed that you know the names of the birds/turtles. Thanks for sharing Port A.

  2. Great post, love the pictures. It is frozen here, no ducks. The turtles are all buried deep in the mug. If I go down at the Missouri River and the dam—there will be TONS of bald eales. They winter there by the dam, eat the fish. One day a ranger quit counting in the cottonwood trees when he got to 65. They all disperse in the summer because it is a big tourist/camping area–and they don’t like people. Prefer it more quiet!

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