Port Aransas, TX

That’s where we are, and loving it! A week has slipped by so quickly, but I do have an almost-completed top to show for my time here. It will be kept under wraps for now, but I can tell you it’s in autumn colors, easy-peasy, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

And speaking of PLEASED, we were beyond thrilled to go to Paradise Pond on the other side of the island Saturday. If you’re a regular reader, you may remember that this part of Texas has been suffering through drought conditions, and our favorite bird-watching spot, Paradise Pond, was totally dried up last winter. It was still dry in October. Last week we had 4.2″ in a 24-hour period, and –TA-DA — just like magic, our pond is back! Some before and after pictures…

So exciting to see Paradise Pond looking like a pond again!  And even though it had only been a couple of days, there were many creatures we love to see that were celebrating (in their own quiet way) having Paradise Pond back as their hang-out!  The turtles, sunning themselves:

Great Blue Herons enjoying the sunshine in the trees.  Many were preening themselves.  Doesn’t this fellow’s feathered cape look magnificant?

A trio of  American White Ibises:

And most exciting of all were the two Black-Crowned Night Herons we saw venturing out into the daylight.  You can tell he’s nocturnal from those red eyes! 

Tomorrow I’ll share the ducky photos from the Birding Center.


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  1. Wow, you sure had a lucky day to catch all those wonderful animals in one visit. Love the birds, but those tuttle lined up on the log are great!

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