Wednesday’s Puzzle

The last puzzle of 2009!  I looked through a lot of photos trying to decide what to choose — an Alaska picture?  Texas?  People?  Birds?  How about:  None of the Above! 


Meet Sampson, SIL Grace’s & BIL’s Ronnie’s mammoth cat.  I can’t begin to describe how big he is.  Well, I could show you, but those pictures are on another computer.  Trust me, he lives up to his name (plus he lives in Texas)! 

Because this is winter break week for a lot of kids, I’m posting an easier version of the puzzle first, then a tougher one.  If you have a child who’s trying this out, remind them to look for the edge pieces first!

Click on the puzzle of your choice to begin.  Have fun!
Click to Mix and Solve

Click to Mix and Solve