Wednesday’s Puzzle


The weatherman was right this week, it is a rainy day today.  I looked outside and thought, wow, the colors are really saturated today.  Then I laughed at myself.  EVERYTHING is saturated today — it’s raining!  I have read, though, not to be hesitant about taking photos on rainy or overcast days because often the colors are richer. 

I don’t usually take a picture this direction (it’s toward a road, and I’d rather look at the pond), plus I had to open the window to get a good view without window glare.  This is a pretty shot of the walking path as it comes in from the street and goes around our little pond.  For a little mid-week diversion,  it’s today’s puzzle:

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Puzzle”

  1. Took me longer but fun. Have you done a quilt using Jacob’s Ladder pattern? I’m thinking of one for St. Pauli & trying to figure yardage. The absolute WORST part of quilting!

  2. Your views are wonderful… colorful in the fall. I have given up listening to the weatherman…..I so sick of rain that I could…..lets just say we have had way to much rain.


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