Today’s Puzzle…

may have you stumped!  I ran across this picture when I was going through photos from our Seattle trip last summer.  DH Jim and Nephew Doug leave this morning for Seattle for Nephew Dan’s memorial service this weekend.  A very sad time, but one that caused me to reflect on happier times just last summer.


Niece Julie took this picture of Jim and me inside the stump end of a giant overturned tree on Mount Rainier.  I always liked this picture, and it brings back a lot of good memories.

I just remembered that I posted this picture last year, because I think I called it Dump Your Rump in a Stump, or something totally classy like that.  Anyway, it’s never been a puzzle before (although I’ve ALWAYS been a puzzle, plus if you look really closely, I’m also a little out of focus).  This picture should make a good puzzle — try to put me back together again!  I think that’s just what I need…

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