Catching Up, and Up, and Up…

Broken Wrist Update:  I can hardly believe it’s been so long since I posted.  But you will notice I am using capital letters again!  Very exciting to me, because I can type with two hands again.  Last week the doc put a removable brace on my broken wrist/forearm.  What a treat!  I can shower without being “bagged up” like yesterday’s turkey carcass.  The pain is very minor for the most part, although sleeping all night is still a challenge.  Forgive me if you are stopping by to see quilty stuff.  I’m going to show a couple of photos of my arm for my family members that are being referred to my blog from our family web page.  (There are quilty items coming up though, so just skip past…)

And on a related note, my best buds Carol, Pat & Marcia sent me a nice cheerful flower arrangement two weeks ago after the surgery, and it still looks good!  It just shows that it pays to go with daisies and mums.  There are a couple of huge roses in it too, which are somehow drying in place.  I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh flowers last this long.  Actually, I rarely get a potted plant to last this long!  (ps:  the smiling mug is HUGE…)


Gift In The Mail Update:  I received the most wonderful Pay-It-Forward gift from Julie at

She sent me one of these cute baskets, hand-made, of course.  And what a doll!  She also tucked in Dove chocolates (see empty bag above) and the sweetest card.  Thank you, Julie!  And I will be contacting my PIF’s soon, getting their gifts on their way to them.  (Be sure to check out the Pink Penguin site.  There you will find the tutorial for this bag as well as a lot of other neat-o stuff.  THANK YOU to “Ayumills” for a great pattern!!!) 

I have to tell you something interesting about this little basket.  Monday the 10th, Barb B. in our Weds. quilting group shared with us the info on making these same baskets.  I made one, and it turned out to be very cute also!  Monday the 10th at 6:30 pm I broke my wrist, so that appeared to be the last real sewing I would be doing for a while.  Last week I was visiting my mom, and although I planned to keep the basket for myself, I decided to give it to my mom.  I knew she would appreciate something hand-made from me.  (And how often have we all done that???  Given away something we really intended for ourselves.)  And then Julie sends me one in the mail!!!  I will treasure it, Julie.  Thank you so much.  And it shows you how popular this little project has become!

Limited-Mobility Sewing Project Update:  So, what can I make with this wrist that is oh-so-much better, but still a broken wrist with a plate holding things together?  How about … pincushions!  I printed the pattern for these pincushions ages ago from the site.

I thought they turned out really nice.  They are about 3 1/2″ square, and I weighted the bottom with a little bag of rice inside.  A fun way to use up some interesting or vintage buttons, but I purchased these.

Weather Update:  It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of November.  Over 40 degrees today, and no snow on the ground.  Our little pond has a thin layer of ice on it.  This is very unMinnesota-like weather, but it’s really nice while it lasts.

Knitting Update:  I had so much fun knitting my first pair of socks earlier this month, I promptly ordered a bunch of sock yarn from three different places.  It started arriving right after I broke my wrist.  Of course.  But I love all the yarn, so I decided to keep all of it, certain that I would be able to knit again.  I had started a sock in this lovely green/orange/purple yarn before I fell (doesn’t it look like spring?).  I have been testing my ability to knit, just one or two rounds at a time.  Fortunately I knit the old-fashioned way, and my right hand does most of the work.  I am relieved that I will be able to knit again, although casting on is a problem right now. 

Family Update:  We had a wonderful time last week with our #1 son home from Virginia, and #2 son and DIL, plus #3 son spending more time around the house.  It’s truly like old times when the three boys get together.  I couldn’t do as much baking and cooking as I would have liked, but on the other hand, there were extra people to adjust my blanket for naps and help me put my socks on!  Things are pretty much back to normal, just at a slower pace.

Holiday Update:  Since last week was the only time this year our little family will all be together, we celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas last Saturday.  To keep things simple, we drew names for gifts.  I didn’t put the tree up, but I did plan to add in some of the holiday decorations.  Then this wrist thing happened, and I really didn’t care if we were decorated or not.  So we went with “not”.  It was really nice to be together, but it seems very strange to think:  We’re Done!  All the hustle and bustle today of the Black Friday sales was irrelevant. 

Thanks for stopping by, and an especially BIG thank you if you hung in there and read this whole thing!


5 thoughts on “Catching Up, and Up, and Up…”

  1. Looks like the wrist is healing nicely. I remember those days from when I broke my arms a little over a year ago. Healing takes time but I found that sewing and knitting were therapy in getting my range of motion and motor skills back. Happy healing.

  2. Your wrist seems to be healing really well. I bet it is hard to sew with a cast on. The little bag/basket is darling, I plan on making one too. Glad you feel better.

  3. I am so sorry for your wrist and I am glad it is on the mend. Glad you like your basket! It was great fun to make it, and sounds like you made one too! I am going to make a bigger one and see how it turns out. Enjoy your day!


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